Colin Cram has made an invaluable contribution to our work at the institute. MIoIR is the largest innovation studies centre in the world and has worked on public sector innovation and public sector procurement for many years. Colin Cram has been collaborating with our institute for many years, most importantly around the core issue of procurement in the public sector. Most recently, he has supported and advised us in the context of the ESRC funded research on public procurement (the UNDERPINN project). Colin has always been very incisive and knowledgeable and also has an excellent networking ability that allows us to link to different important communities. His role as chair of the major public sector innovation conferences in recent years has further established this role
Professor Jakob Edler, Executive Director of the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research (MIoIR) at Manchester Business School, University of Manchester

I would like to express our heartfelt thanks for your excellent participation as a speaker during Procurement Week 2013.
Professor Dermot Cahill, Institute for Competition and Procurement Studies, University of Bangor

I have on several occasions had the pleasure of participating in events which Colin Cram has chaired. He has always been well briefed, challenging and capable of keeping energy levels high. He is also very good at reinforcing speakers by summarising their contribution in his own words for the audience. He is very good value and a pleasure to work with.
Lord Bichard

I hereby certify that Colin Cram is a highly respected procurement professional, as demonstrated by his influential paper, ‘Towards Tesco’, commissioned by the Institute of Directors, which describes how public sector procurement should be reformed to use government’s potential buying power to reduce costs. This influenced the thinking of policy makers and politicians in the UK. I understand that his advice is regularly sought by senior figures in both public and private sectors. When I was producing papers for the UK Coalition government, Colin’s advice, knowledge and drafting skills were very valuable and he was a pleasure to work with. In the past 18 months his advice has been sought by the House of Lords, the National Audit Office, the Office of Fair Trading, the Efficiency and Reform Group in the Cabinet Office/Treasury and by the office of Leader of the Opposition in the UK, Ed Miliband, by local authorities and the National Health Service (NHS). He has spoken at many procurement conferences in the UK and abroad.
Lord Filkin, CBE, FCIPS

As Director of the North West Centre of Excellence, Colin had the responsibility for driving procurement and efficiency improvements throughout local government in the North West of England. He provided strong leadership in bringing together people and teams and created a culture which promoted creativity, new solutions and initiatives. He is resourceful and proved first class at strategy, delivery and producing tangible results and outcomes. Colin is a seasoned and well respected expert in his field and this is recognised throughout the public, private and third sectors.
Peter Stybelski, Chief Executive of Cumbria County Council

Colin has shown strong vision and leadership, an ability to persuade people to change their behaviours and buy into his vision and has strong facilitation and change management skills. He created a strong and motivated team. His dedication to delivering results is outstanding. His professional knowledge and expertise is exceptional
Steven Pleasant, Chief Executive of Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council re role as Director North West Centre of Excellence

Colin is a pleasure to work with, engaging very effectively with directors, management and staff at all levels. He has an authoritative overview of the procurement profession and its development over his long and successful career. He was a great asset to my team
Geoff Llewellyn, Public Sector Director at Wipro

We would like to recommend your name to any other companies which could benefit from your exceptional services
Yasser Nasr Zaghioul, Chief Executive Officer, Abu Dhabi National Marine Dredging Company

What a pleasure it is to support your campaign today and going forward. The team are so excited with this opportunity.
Charles Clark, Chief Executive Officer, Rosslyn Analytics Ltd

I know that you are exceptionally respected by your peers and in industry. You are a pleasure to work with and have engaged very effectively with directors, management and staff at all levels within the company. You have deployed … excellent communication and presentation skills to an impressive track record
Colin Daniels, Chairman and Managing Director, The Danwood Group Ltd

Excellent grasp of complex issues. Managed sensitive issues with great diplomacy
Tim Morel, Director, Kennedy Cater Ltd

Thank you most warmly for your contribution to our strategy event.
Clive Grace, Chair RCUK Shared Services Centre

I am most impressed by the positive approach of all your team who are dealing with many challenges to create a major success.
Dr John Taylor, Director General of the Research Councils

My lasting memories will include his ability to influence and persuade senior managers that difficult issues can be addressed through more effective procurement practices, gain the confidence of senior managers…, raise the profile of procurement across the council…, bring together often disparate service professionals so they could work together to seek the best overall solution, improve joint working…., pick up a new range of issues and immediately add value to the thinking..
David Laws, Head of Audit, City of York Council

We have decided to adopt your strategy and establish a shared services centre for the whole of Eastern Cape Province.
Maude Madumane, Procurement Director in Eastern Cape Province, South Africa

Many congratulations on your significant achievements in the North West.
Sheila White, Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply

Colin did an excellent job in winning hearts and minds in the face of quite a lot of protectionist tactics and prevarication.
Colin Read, Director of Finance, Natural Environment Research Council

I hope our paths will cross again soon and thank you for all the information you provided.
Rt Hon Karl McCartney MP

I am so impressed with everything you have done (and continue to do!).
Alexandra Ransom, Office of Government Commerce

It was enormously encouraging to see the wide variety of improvements in transport efficiency.
Simon Webb, Director General Delivery and Security, Department for Transport

I am most grateful that you seized the initiative and drove through the fraud analysis. .typical enthusiasm, resourcefulness and focus on rapid, credible results. … the springboard for action. Thank you for all your innovative help. Yours was a most creative contribution to the anti-fraud drive. I wish to put on record my appreciation of your achievement, way beyond your formal terms of reference
David Riggs, Director of Finance, Department for Work and Pensions (UK)

It was good to meet you again at last week’s Joint Planning Conference. I commend the Research Councils participating in this initiative for recognising that a joined up approach can be a more effective way of meeting key business objectives than more traditional approaches
Peter Gershon CBE (now Lord Gershon)

Many thanks for your excellent paper. I found it very useful and I am certain that members of the Committee will find it useful too.
Elisa Rubio, Science and Technology Select Committee, House of Lords

Thank you for the valuable contribution you made by chairing a session at the CIPS Premier Conference last week
Peter Smith, President of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply

The conference was a great success, in particular due to your enriching contribution as a speaker at the event. Your session and perspectives were very inspiring.
V Polanski, Conference Organiser, London School of Economics Strategy and Management Consulting Conference

I would like to thank you for the splendid lecture you gave to the group of senior managers.
Diana Formby, Civil Service College

Well done. It was a great day.
Louise Waters, Public Service Events (re Lean Government on 20 September 2012, for which I created the programme and chaired).

The feedback on your presentation was excellent and all the delegates… are keen to come to our future events.
Annabelle McGuiness, Events Manager, TenAlps

I believe you can change thinking.
Job Jansen, University of Namibia

Thank you for your excellent talk.
Ian Cosh, Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Administration

The presentation was spot on. We received fantastic feedback.
Kavita Shial, Sustainable Solutions Conference

I am very selective in choosing trainer, when I saw Colin credential I believe it will sell in Indonesia market, so I try inviting Colin to Indonesia. The delegates love Colin, they said Colin is a very experienced trainer in terms of procurement. I am happy, delegates are happy, Indonesia is happy! Well done Colin.
Erwin Husin, President of Husin Group

With his knowledge and expertise of the public sector, Colin Cram has been an engaging speaker at a number of our events and conferences over the past few years. He has been a very popular chair who brings expert analysis to the day as well as humour.
Ben Moody, GovNet

Colin’s vast and extensive knowledge of procurement and the UK public sector has been of great help to our various research programmes on procurement of innovation. Colin has been a generous and constructive contributor to our work in this area and we value our link with him considerably.
Dr John Rigby, Manchester Business School, University of Manchester

It was the best sharing experience among procurement professionals I’ve ever experienced.
Benny Rahardja, Adviser to Chief Executive, PT Gugang Garam Tbk (Indonesia)

Thanks very much for all your excellent contributions to the Public Leaders Network in 2012.
Jane Dudman, Editor, Guardian’s Public Leaders Network

The Singapore High Commission here in London has just rung to say they were really pleased with your procurement piece.
Jane Dudman, Editor, Guardian’s Public Leaders Network

Very glad that you have made such an impact. As and when new developments go public, we will ensure that we link them in to your articles on this topic, to ensure that we give you full credit for these good ideas now being taken up by government.
Jane Dudman, Editor, Guardian’s Public Leaders Network

..seminal paper, ‘Towards Tesco’. Never have I had the enthusiasm I have had for what Cram has suggested.
Jon Hansen, Managing Director and Founder, Procurement Insights.

In my opinion, you have done a fantastic job while chairing the conference. …your presentation was very information, well done. Moreover, appreciate your efforts in sharing your valuable slides, which is indeed another wealth of knowledge.
Wael Safwat, FCIPS, American University of Sharjah

Thanks so much again for your help with our event, your contribution was fantastic and really helped to make the event a success.
Genevieve Scoville, Events Producer, Public Policy Exchange

It was an honour for me to learn so much useful knowledge and experience from you. I could not wait to use them right away in my day to day operations, and tell you the success story… So once again, thank you very much and I wish you the very best too and hopefully could learn more from you in the future…
Ius Oilianto, Star Energy, Indonesia

It’s been truly enriching for me to reflect on what I’ve got on my plate right now and the abundance of good materials that Colin had shared with us.
Nur Azam Jaafar, Exxon Mobil

I really enjoyed the class and will certainly adopt what I have learnt from your class. Will share with you on the result!
Azita Binti Mohamed Tahir, Project Lebuhraya Usahasama Berhad (PLUS), Malayasia

I hope to be able to give you some feedback once we try implementing some of the learnings I had. Thank you and more power to you!
Jewela Boiser, Steag State Power Inc

Your speeches and presentations were great so that I have reaffirmed that my professional direction to go is certainly right.
Akira Konno, Adobe Systems, Japan

The delegates thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. Your delivery was engaging and greatly appreciated. By any measure you are a very effective speaker and educator. It is a pleasure to have had you as one of our keynote speakers. Your role in the success of the event is much appreciated.
Yasmine Kazadi, Marketing and Content Manager, Commerce –Edge, South Africa